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​Film Maker - Photographer - Makeup Artist

Arlene currently resides in the heart of New York City as a videographer, photographer and makeup artist. She was born in Los Angeles, California then later moved to New York to pursue her love for art and fashion.

Arlene started her career in New York as a makeup artist working with various celebrities such as Paula Abdul, Eric Benet, Claudia Jordan, Olivia Cipolla and different companies such as Victoria's Secrets, Food Network and SPIKE TV. Aside from her makeup career, she also works as a technical video editor. Her passion later evolved to having a creative eye behind the lens....and combing both art fields together falling in love with capturing stunning and heartfelt visuals through both photo and video. She enjoys capturing that special moment in time to remember forever.

Let her tell your story,
Let her capture that moment,
...and let her pull on your heart strings.

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